Local Love EP099 Part 2 -- Just Tha Homies (live icecast capture)

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Producer Dave
Chip Deville
Media Wench

This is a live capture from Icecast2. This is what the live show sounded like.
Sometimes we don't feel like editing :)


LEX the Lexicon Artist - L.E.X. (Philonius Phunk Remix)
idea unsound - revvin
Alvie & the Breakfast Pigs - Low Lovin' Woman
James Conrad & the Hotel Utah Air Force - It's Too Late
Sam RucKus - You Aint Doin Nothin - Sam RucKus
Rebelskamp - The Rebel (Featuring Dirtbag Dan)
Sevon Caneri & The Spellbreakers - Moonshine
The Roughies - War is a Racket
The Roughies - Murder Job
Dirtbag Dan - All She Wrote
Track IX - Lipstick
FTB - Sleep Deprivation