Local Love EP068 Part 1 -- You Can Give Us A Dollar

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Chip DeVille
Producer Dave
Patty K


Rebelskamp - Devil From California
Joan and the Rivers - freddiekruggermeloncamp
Mars Cantina - Breathe
Verse - Body Language (feat Juan Maserati)
Curious Quail - Reconstruction
Audible Smoke Signal - Girlfriends a Ghost
ISRAEL SANCHEZ - Ghost In The Room
LEX the Lexicon Artist - I'm Broke (ft. Ohm-I)
Landon Wordswell - Eat (feat Chip DeVille)
Dirtbag Dan - All She Wrote
Old Sol - Momentarily
FTB - Sleep Deprivation
Giosia Perretta - Rain Back
Lucky Suits - Funky Frankenstein
Roughies - Troy Davis Blues
Sweet HayaH - Gentle Lies
Made By Dr Light - ILTG