Local Love EP065 Part 1 -- Send Us 5 Bucks And Dave Will Try To Skateboard

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Chip DeVille
Media Wench
Producer Dave


FTB - Blink
The Roughies - Mexican Tap Water Chug Off
Lucy Arnell - Sans-Souci
LEX the Lexicon Artist - Asian American Beauty (prod. Ohm-I)
Doctor Striker - Logic
Rebelskamp - No Next Time
Sweet HayaH - Gentle Lies
Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs - Hey Bay
Citabria - Break The Universe
Chris Reed - My Wish
Mars Cantina - Breathe
Brother Spellbinder - Speed of Sound
Chip DeVille - Left U Hangin
Ophwurld - My Favorite Martin
Audible Smoke SIGNAL - Dubknuckle