Local Love EP057 Part 1 -- Dave and Emmanuel of C137 Rhythym Section

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Producer Dave
Waffle Princess
Chip DeVille
Guests: Dave The Drummer and Emmanuel from C137 Rhythm Section


The Wyatt Act - 20 Motherfuckers by The Wyatt Act
Citabria - Break The Universe
Panhandlers Union - 1. American Tune
Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs - Rough Rider
06. 0:36:24 Billy Sheen - Miss MacGuyver
Brother Spellbinder - Follow Me - mp3
Chip DeVille - Almost Got Away With It (Podcast Copy)
David Bu Hau - David Bu Hau -- Robocop
Rebelskamp - On a Friday (feat Nehal Abuelata)
Dave The Drummer - The Rain(MC Mix)
The Wyatt Act - Post Molly Crash