Local Love EP058 Part 2 -- April Gee and Brandon Icenberg

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Producer Dave
Media Wench
Waffle Princess
Chip DeVille

Musical Guests April Gee of Containher and Brandon Icenberg of Slow Lode etc etc


Rebelskamp - Devil From California
The Roughies - Don't Hate the Cops
Slow Lode - Half Pigeon
Billy Sheen - New Show
J Wheeler - Welcome Back
Sweet HayaH - Worn Out Curtains
Chip DeVille - The Technicolor Nightcap
Verse - 50-50 Grind
Containher - Distill April Mix
Dirtbag Dan - All She Wrote
Lucky Suits - Funky Frankenstein
Containher - The Seams v2mix
Rebelskamp - Huxtable