Local Love EP056 Part 2 -- Patty K of The Roughies

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Producer Dave
Media Wench
Waffle Princess
Guest:  Patty K from The Roughies


Rebelskamp - Devil From California
Valensorow - Schlammshammehrk
Giosia Perretta - Rain Back
Rebelskamp - Beautiful Rebel (feat Cado)
Eliza Rickman - Black Rose
Audible Smoke SIGNAL - Dubknuckle
Rebelskamp - Moral Hangover (feat Cado, Natasha Littlewood, and Mighty Mike McGee)
Dirtbag Dan - Slab City
Doctor Striker - Our Job is to Party
Valensorow - Tittleman's Slag
Keybone - Unlike Those Ho's
Town Crier - Can't Make You Love Me
Curious Quail - Instant Gratification
Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs - Rough Rider
The Purple Trees - If It Sparkles
FTB - Sleep Deprivation
Rebelskamp - Huxtable

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