Local Love EP054 Part 2 -- A Gaggle Of People In The Studio

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Producer Dave
Media Wench
Waffle Princess
Juan Maserati
Chip DeVille

Guests:  Phil Ziggs from Relapse, Johnny Corn, Katrina, and Noggin


Rebelskamp - Devil From California
@ Little Spiral @ - Arrive
Citabria - Ultraviolet
book on VHS - cheese beast
Usurper Vong - Coast to Coast
Rebelskamp - Put Yo Hands Together (feat Phil Zigs of Relapse)
FTB - Get Down
Valensorow - Knightveil
LEX - Glasses
Gee Willikers - Trust In Me
Relapse - Love Tap
Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs - Hey Bay
Rebelskamp - Huxtable