Local Love EP051 Part 2 -- 6 Of Us and 6 EggRolls

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Producer Dave
Steve On The Other Hand
Media Wench
Chip DeVille
Juan Maserati


3 Ring Simian - Roundhouse
5avcat - Zombie Cats
Audible Smoke Signal - Ass
Kat Robichaud and The Darling Misfits - Elecrotica
Keybone - Look At Me Now
Dirtbag Dan - All She Wrote
Chip DeVille - The Technicolor Nightcap
Rebelskamp - Oceans (feat ContainHer)
Old Sol - What
Sweet HayaH - Worn Out Curtains
LEX - L.E.X.
Chip DeVille - Left U Hangin
Cado Dos Santos - Venha Dançar