Local Love EP048 Part 1 -- Ladies Night & Last Show From The Old Studio

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Waffle Princess
Teacher Allyson
Natasha Littlewood
Julie Matthews


Curious Quail - Moon + Stars
Nvs - Restraining Order
Valensorow - Schlammshammehrk
Hammershot - Big Monkey Smash
LEX - L.E.X.
The Wyatt Act - 20 Motherfuckers by The Wyatt Act
Stormy Strong - She
Doctor Striker - At the End of the World
Sweet HayaH - Worn Out Curtains
Kat Robichaud and The Darling Misfits - Elecrotica
Lucy Arnell - Sans-Souci
Sweet Hayah - Backwards
Billy Sheen - Miss MacGuyver
Ariella Golda - Lord of Heaven
Doctor Striker - America
Dirtbag Dan - Concentrate feat. Abel Abilities