Local Love EP044 -- Checking Back In With Little Spriral

We had the pleasure of being joined remotely by Little Spiral for this episode of Local Love.  You only get the first hour and a half this time, the live show is over 3 hours.  Check it out every Tuesday at 9pm pacific at echoplexmedia.com/live

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Producer Dave
Fuckin Harrison
Mike EDM
Interview by phone:  Little Spiral


Melted State - Love Ain't Gonna Take It
Joan and the Rivers - Stoggie
Citabria - Exit Reality
Rebelskamp - Frankenstein
Sweet HayaH - There Goes The Man
LEX - L.E.X.
Old Sol - Drop Knowledge
Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction - Geeks Don't Care
Stormy Strong - Angels Cry
book on VHS - chameleon
Nvs - Jesus Camping
Raiju - The Ride Of The Chechen
@ Little Spiral @ - Tossing & Turning