Episode 039 -- Comedians Reggie Shorter and Johnny Corn In Studio

We forgot to hit record at the beginning of the episode.  Our apologies to Kenny Thomas and the Southern Baptists whose segment was not recorded.  We will have them back soon!


Producer Dave
Fuckin Harrison
Media Wench
Chip DeVille
Juan Maserati
Patty K

Comedians Johnny Corn and Reggie Shorter


James Perry - Dreaming of You (single Version)
Drawing Heaven - Michelle
Doctor Striker - America
Kat Robichaud and The Darling Misfits - Rockstars Don't Apologize
Joan and the Rivers - SHIT HEAD
Landon Wordswell - Perfect Fathers (produced by. Emperor Bohe)
Rebelskamp - Impossible Concentration
Kenny Thomas and the Southern Baptists - ATTACKED BY SPIDERS
David Bu Hau - Robocop
Tributaries - Waters Wreckon