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Echoplex Media Thirsty Thursday Fundraiser!

We are going live the night before we leave to head north for the Chemtrails global summit.  We will be digitally panhandling for our GoFundMe to offset our out of pocket costs for the Chemtrails Global Summit.  Or if you'd rather make small monthly donations, you can choose our Patreon.

Don't worry about the fact that we probably won't get the money from the donations in time to actually spend it at the summit, we are fronting our own cash for this and if the money doesn't hit our account prior to the summit, we will either reimburse ourselves, put it toward our future expenses (studio rent, icecast2 server, web hosting, new gear, etc), or some combination of the 2.

Icecast Stream

YouTube Live Stream

Phone: 408.883.PLEX(7539)