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The Plex Live Brings You The Worst Of The Worst

We have one hell of a docket.

Wanna see the whole thing, including links?  Click here.

The Orlando shooting got responses from all the fucking lunatics.

Alex Jones
Kevin Swanson
Pat Robertson
Herman Cain
Scott Baio?  Like Charles In Charge?
Michael Savage
Bryan Fischer
Rick Wiles
Glenn Beck
Theodore Shoebat

Plus we have other random conspiracy craziness from our boy Alex Jones, a pro-AR-15 ad from the NRA,  Bill O'Reilly calling for gun control, a strange incident with a Trump supporter yelling at a guy in a donkey suit, and more, if we can get through it all.

Plus, of course, as always, we have Local Love for the first hour, though it seems a little out of place in this scenario.  And as always, phone lines will be open, but please don't call in with a "funny anecdote", we hate that shit.

Click these blue words for all the info on how to listen and how to participate.  

This shit might not be pleasant, but it ought to be pretty fucking good.