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The Plex Live! Tea Time

Starts at 9PM PST (0500 UTC)

Click here for info on how to listen and participate!

Tea Time!  We will not be drinking during this episode of The Plex.  Who would have ever imagined this was possible?

Hour 1:  Local music, Local Love style with whoever is on the mics.  Phone lines are open during this time, but if you call while music is playing, you will be put on hold until the song is over.  Please be patient, if we answered the call, we know you are there.

Hour 2:  The "serious" part of the docket.  Election news, religion in politics news, conspiracy theory news.  Phone lines are open during Hour 2, but we will keep the calls brief.

Hour 3:  The "stupid" part of the docket and the quiz.  Phone lines will be open.  Anything can and will generally happen in the 3rd hour.