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The Plex Live!

Remember, all times for all events are PST

Dave is taking a week off essentially.  He will still be on the mic and managing the tech but Randle Aubrey and Fuckin Harrison will be driving the docket in preparation for their upcoming geek culture show.  Be sure to tune in as Dave will likely be trying to throw a monkeywrench in their plans!

Music starts around 9pm with local San Jose artists.  Then once the whole panel is in the house, usually 9:45 or 10, the show goes live!

Icecast Stream:
This will work in your web browser on your pc or your phone.  But for your phone, you will want to find a media player as the browser will stop playing the stream when you close the browser app.

Chat:  IRC Freenode #echoplexmedia
Freenode IRC for the web  Just pick a user name, put #echoplexmedia in the "channel field" and you're in!  Of course you can use another IRC client.  We highly recommend you use an open source client.

Skype ID:  echo-pod

Earlier Event: January 10
The Plex Live!