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The Plex!

Remember, all times are PST on all of our calendar events.

Tonight's lineup:  The Viking, Mistress Mary, and your hosts Fuckin Harrison and Dave.

Music starts around 9pm with local San Jose artists.  Then once the whole panel is in the house, usually 9:45 or 10, the show goes live!

Icecast Stream:
This will work in your web browser on your pc or your phone.  But for your phone, you will want to find a media player as the browser will stop playing the stream when you close the browser app.

Chat:  IRC Freenode #echoplexmedia
Freenode IRC for the web  Just pick a user name, put #echoplexmedia in the "channel field" and you're in!  Of course you can use another IRC client.  We highly recommend you use an open source client.

Skype ID:  echo-pod

Earlier Event: December 20
The Plex!
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