Here at Echoplex Media, we pride ourselves on transparency in our process, in order to inspire others in theirs.  Free and open source software represents our values as progressives and as nerds, and here are a number of the tools that we use to produce the show. Click on any of the logos for more information!

Ubuntu Studio - Our primary operating system, we couldn't power Echoplex Media's laptoptagon without it. Optimized for media production, fast as hell, ridiculously simple, and absolutely free. Try it today!

Ubuntu - Powered by Linux, Ubuntu is the premier open source operating system on the market today. From ease of use to security to customization, Ubuntu does it all and so much more.  All our systems run Ubuntu based Linux distributions.

Ardour - We just use it to capture the audio, but it does so much more!  And the community support?  Incredible.

Audacity - Audio editor, used to edit the podcasts.

Jack – Routing tools for KXStudio, letting you plug anything into anything.

KXStudio – A toolkit that we install on top of Ubuntu Studio.  Contains tons of audio plugins, daw software, and a really great graphical jack routing tool called Claudia.

Cadence - Amazing set of Jack tools, built right into KXStudio!

OpenShot -  Video editing software, used for our YouTube channel.

KdenLive - Another video editing software package we use.

Blender - 3D video modeling/rendering software, which we use to create bumpers for our YouTube videos.

Mixxx - We use this "DJ" application to play all the audio clips for the show.

Digital Ocean - Great VPS.  Root access to your own virtual machine.  Our Icecast2 server is live on this and a Mumble server is in the works!

Icecast - We use Icecast to stream all of our shows.

B.U.T.T. - Broadcast Using This Thing.  A great cross platform tool for broadcasting.