This Week in Derp (okay 2 weeks) 6/23 to 7/7/2018

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Apologies for the lateness in the newest installment. The Producer and I have been tied up at work trying to get shit in order after moving one warehouse to another. Meanwhile, shit went kinda off the rails concerning one of our own, someone who used to be considered a pod-friend so to speak.

Echoplex media will in no way ever tell people what to do or how to troll. Game is game and people have their own style, whatever that may be. However, there are certain lines that you do not cross. Boundaries that must be adhered to. Not just in trolling, but in general day-to-day living and being a member of responsible society. For example, Echoplex in no way shape or form condone the use of fear to push an agenda. Thus the railing against the conspiracy movements in regards to peddling fear against stupid things. Be it clouds or wifi or 5g or fluoride. Telling people to be afraid might cause someone who may be some fries short of a happy meal do harm to someone else. Contrariwise, we also do not condone calling for harm against anyone. Even chemmies and flerfers. Don't shoot at planes is just as valid as don’t call for the execution of conspiracy theorists. No matter how stupid you think they are. Just as we don't want someone to shoot at a plane full of passengers because they're afraid the government is trying to kill them, we also don't want someone purposefully hurting someone just because they believe stupid things. Each audience has an equal chance of having someone with a lower than average IQ taking them seriously and doing the wrong thing. Neither is a good look for either side.

This leaves us in a somewhat odd position when it comes to throwing one of our own under the bus. These last few weeks it has been Tim Miller causing some very unnecessary drama. In all honesty it doesn't matter how right you are if you're promoting the wrong thing. So when Tim posted for the extermination and execution of all chemtards, that shit made us recoil in horror. I don't give a fuck who's saying what to a dumber than average audience. There's a right way and a wrong way to go about these things. Report posts, leave comments. You know, be reasonable. Basically the opposite of what the derp is doing. That's the point of being the opposition on the side of reason. Leaving copy-pasted comments all over Michael Murphys page, creating other pages with the intent of inciting violence against others, even in jest, is bull shit. And honestly it makes it a lot harder to be taken seriously because someone can always point out the example that makes everyone look bad.


What Tim is calling proof is this Facebook page, with Mikes Movie website referenced as theirs.


Now, maybe I’m just jaded, but one look at this page and I can tell its run by a troll meant to stir up drama. Plus it doesn't say anything about shooting planes with bullets. In fact it specifically references using a camera. But Tim conveniently left that out when posting comment after comment on every post of Mikes to illicit a reaction. He got one, but I don't think it was the one he was expecting. Not only did he get removed from CAKU, but also our CGS and Geo Pop. The admins for these groups are relatively smart people and they don’t play this shit.


This is from a page made by Tim Miller


Things got a lot more personal when he started threatening and harassing other individuals in this week's overreaction:


Even if you have a good point, its lost on the fact that you just did the same thing as the stupidity you point out. Therefore making you no better. So Tim lost friends and alienated people, by taking things too far and stooping to the level of which we rally in unison against. It’s like he’s never paid attention in trolling 101. It’s not just an elective. It’s part of the required credits to get your shillbux.

On to the biggest disappointment of this week, and that's the fucking firing of Andy Nolch. We first discovered Andy because of his mind expandingly stupid independent Scientology YouTube videos. There's nothing this guy wont stoop to if he thinks its going to get him some traffic. But when we woke up on Wednesday morning with 2 or 3 tags each, in several groups announcing that Andy was just charged with vandalism because he drew a 25 meter (that's about 80 foot) dick on the memorial site of a woman who was raped and then murdered last week, the night before there was to be a vigil, you could say we were pretty fucking gobsmacked. A scroll through Andys timeline and you can plainly see he’s no friend to women, or trans people, or vaccinated people, or...anything really. But this is pretty out there in left field even for him. Even worse he claimed he did it in protest because the killer was autistic caused by vaccines.


He also laid out another few lame ass excuses. None of which were buying because we have first hand (and on the record) admissions that he does shit like this for attention to his YouTube channel. Also he claimed he was upset because the news media called him a comedian, which he took offense to because he didn't want to be lumped in with a bunch of sell-outs. Then he stated that his show wasn't can canceled, he quit because of how corrupt the entertainment business is.


Well, I hope he got that attention he was looking for, because hes fucking fired from our docket, and tune in on Sunday to hear us blast him in the upfront hour of the big show. His first court date with the magistrate is August 10th. We’ll keep up to date on the powers that be in Australia throwing the book at this dude. Plus I’m sure that our Australian day drinking team is going to have a lot to say about this asshole from a local perspective that we don’t have. They already think hes a cunt, in the non-fashionable sense, so I can’t imagine the creative things they’ll come up with to call him now. Meanwhile he’s back to posting his bullshit, with a side of “I’m being persecuted”.


No, Andy. It wasn’t just a prank. You’re a fucking disgusting, insensitive person who tried to take advantage of a tragic situation and make it about you, and you went too far. Your failed attempt at being edgy crossed over into real people world. Real folk ain’t having none of your shit. Stick to the internet where your crap doesn’t hurt people who are in pain; angry and grieving for a sad situation. Even Scientology thinks you’re crazy at this point. Not that I believe you were ever a Scientologist to begin with. Because I don’t. You can go fuck yourself.

Speaking of Go Fuck Yourself, in news related to Echoplex, a few things. GFY EP005 is recording at the end of the month and our own Jeff Black will be making the trip from the great north to grace the panel, and also the panel of The Plex. Episode 100 of Local Love is the 10th, and episode 100 of The Plex is coming up in a few weeks. Expect these to be complete mayhem.

If you want the whole show, unedited, including the upfront hour and red light, donate to our Patreon at the 5$ level and you’ll get the whole thing sent to your inbox direct from our Icecast capture. Which still sounds better than most podcasts' recorded and mastered segments. The producer also upgraded the system this week to a shiny new version of KDE Plasma, so be prepared to hear him (justifiably) boast about his kung-fu.

Namaste bitches.

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