Local Love EP042 Part 1 -- Rebelskamp and Dirtbag Dan In Studio

For our last show of 2016, we were fortunate enough to have Dirtbag Dan and The Rebelskamp join us for the show.  Local Love is live every tuesday at 9pm pacific (except Jan 3, we're off this week).  echoplexmedia.com/live

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Producer Dave
Chip DeVille
Fuckin Harrison


Dirtbag Dan
Gee Willikers, Jeremiah Lee Verse and Juan Maserati of Rebelskamp


Joan and the Rivers - Stoggie
Rebelskamp - Howie Getdown
Audible Smoke Signal - Swingin
Doctor Striker - Be a Man, Go to the Gym
Verse - Too Many Chiefs
Dirtbag Dan - Foolish Girl
Rebelskamp - Frankenstein
Landon Wordswell &Chip DeVille - EAT (Reprise)
Old Sol - When
FTB - Motown
Rebelskamp - InTentCity

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